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Appreciating Conflict

All meaningful relationships, whether at work or at home, have conflicts. The conflicts may be ongoing; they may come in short bursts; they may be separated by long interludes of harmony; but if those connections are to continue to be a source of inspiration, hopefulness, and steadfast loyalty, conflict has to become an acceptable and even welcome part of the equation.


Well, yes; given that conflict is an agent of change and change is a fundamental premise of life. We’re never not changing. We’re never not growing, and intermittently or even daily, the power of conflict is needed to boost that growth.

But as normal humans, we don’t generally view conflict like that… as a welcome and powerful ally. We don’t see it as an opportunity; we don’t see its tremendous potential. Instead, we view it as a threat or enemy. We become defensive, or arm ourselves to the hilt and go on the attack. Or we shy away from it, smile misleadingly, and pat it down to make it go away.

With that in mind, you might want to take a look at the way(s) in which you view conflict, and as such, we offer some points for you to ponder regarding your stance.

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