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Jan. 25, 11 AM EST - 12 PM EST

How to talk about the things you don’t want to talk about

The ability to have difficult conversations is underrated. In fact, it’s one of the skill sets that differentiates the best leaders - those who are willing to speak hard truths to address a situation, even when emotional minefields are involved - and who can do it in a respectful way.

Join Peter Hiddema from Common Outlook and Lydia Sani from Redwood Performance Group as they address this important topic. You will leave with powerful, practical tips. There is also an opportunity for Q&A. Learn More



Effective Negotiation Skills:
Two-Day Workshop Dates:
Feb. 7-8

Managing Conflict and
Difficult Conversations:

Two-Day Workshop Dates:
Jan. 17-18 | Feb. 21-22

Advanced Communication and
Presentation Skills Workshop:

Available Dates:
Feb. 12-13 | Mar. 26-27 | Apr. 30 - May. 1
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A Personal Power Challenge to You

Do you remember Victor, the successful 34-year-old technology VP we profiled in our May/June article about reclaiming Personal Power? The man who as child was shunned and became a loner and outsider because a long-ago teacher encouraged his classmates to see his intelligence as grandstanding?

Our challenge to Victor was to stop giving his power to that old state of affairs. And here in his words, is how he went about doing that.

“I remember saying to you that not giving up personal power would mean socializing more and making friends. To be truthful, the thought of doing that for even a day filled me with dread. Needless to say, I spent the next two weeks imagining all the terrible things that would happen if I stepped out of my comfort zone… out of the constrained and safe but lonely routines I’d established. I was afraid of being shunned.

Then my birthday came along.

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