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A Quick Look Back to See the Road Ahead

In this article, rather than give you our information or opinions about something, we have once again chosen to ask you a series of questions to help you learn from your own experience. We hope they are useful for you.

The following questions look at emotional intelligence through the attitudes you carried, the behaviours you showed, and the kinds of communication you used in the past year.

Their intent is to help you set a clearer and better path for yourself in the coming year. Take some quiet time to reflect on these – perhaps while sipping on a delicious, hot, tea or coffee. Make some notes in a place where you’ll refer to them later.

Some of these questions might be difficult or might require some real reflection, which might cause you to put them off, but you can revisit this a few times; you don’t have to do it all at once. Probably even 15 minutes on your first round will give you a good start. Then let some of the questions “brew” for a while in your unconscious mind. When you revisit the questions, you’ll almost for sure have some new insights. And if you truly want to improve the way you deal with people, it takes some effort. But the payoff is significant, and can endure your whole life.

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