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Advanced Negotiating:
Finding the Win-Win

Recently our Founder Peter Hiddema teamed up with Welch LLP’s Managing Partner Michael Burch to discuss how to find the win-win in real life.

Among other things, they discussed:
· How to transform a battle into a win-win negotiation
· Making low-cost, high-gain trades
· How to start a difficult conversation
· Knowing when (and how) to walk way

Click here to listen to this engaging webinar and download the slides.



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Sacrifice your Values?

‘Compromising’ has a bad reputation. Although we recognize it is fundamental in making almost every situation we’re in workable and even satisfying, our general reaction upon hearing the word is negative. We imagine someone who’s betrayed themselves by going against an instinct or core belief in order to benefit, or like John B., because of the perceived need to conform.

John is considered by those who have known him for a long time, to be an ethical man. And to be truthful: he prides himself on having strong ethics. One of the reasons – in fact the prime reason – he joined his current company six months ago as a Business Development Manager is because after researching the company, and after time spent talking with his prospective boss, he was convinced both reflected his values.

So, John has a challenging, fulfilling job; he’s well compensated, and he works for a seemingly ethical organization and boss. But for some reason, John is not happy. In fact, he’s even thinking of resigning. Lately, he’s been feeling less than confident… buttoned up; less communicative. He’s always considered himself, and been considered, a confident person, and he’s never had trouble saying what’s on his mind. Given that a Business Development Manager must exude confidence, John is right to be concerned.

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