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Compromise - A Matter of Perspective

For some of us, compromise is a less than savoury word that implies a forfeiting of values and core beliefs... a word that brings to mind appeasing and even grovelling behaviours. For others, it means a willingness to see things from another perspective, and brings to mind recollections of successful negotiations, conflict de-escalations, and the adroit way we handle tricky or tense situations.

So, let's say that both sides are right and that compromising is either helpful or destructive depending on the situation... that if we betray ourselves by going against our instincts or a core belief, or by agreeing to things in order to please others, then compromise is indeed a dirty little word.

Conversely, it also seems true that if we don't insist on everything being our way, while simultaneously not betraying ourselves, we can consider compromise to be a very, very good thing. This is, perhaps, why the word 'compromise' is often considered a synonym for 'agreement', 'settlement', or 'an understanding'. It often forms a key part of many successful meeting of minds.

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