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Advanced Negotiating:
Finding the Win-Win

Recently our Founder Peter Hiddema teamed up with Welch LLP’s Managing Partner Michael Burch to discuss how to find the win-win in real life.

Among other things, they discussed:
· How to transform a battle into a win-win negotiation
· Making low-cost, high-gain trades
· How to start a difficult conversation
· Knowing when (and how) to walk way

Click here to listen to this engaging webinar and download the slides.



Effective Negotiation Skills:
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Managing Conflict and
Difficult Conversations:

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Advanced Communication and
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How to Talk Yourself Down in One Second

The Sure-Fire One-Second Technique for Self-regulation and Self-management in Any Situation

When something good happens to us – or when we do something well – we feel great. “I did a great job”, we say to ourselves. We feel confident and competent and fully in our own power. The emotions and thoughts we produce form lasting connections in the brain that can be summoned again and again whenever we recall the experience.

When something bad happens or when we're worried about things that might happen, we also produce wavelengths of thoughts that influence our feelings: “I handled that badly.” Or, “I'm upset that he/she did that.” (Even though it may have been weeks/months/years ago).

Thoughts like that sap our energy and create repetitive-thinking circles. They make us feel that we – that our lives – are off balance. And though we repeatedly try to tell ourselves that everything will be okay, most of us never really feel at ease.

But what if you had a sure-fire, one-second technique for regulating distressing thoughts and feelings?

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