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Next month, we’ll explore ‘Rationale’. What is it based on?

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What’s So Great about Being Rational?

The ancient Greeks lauded the idea of rational thinking (logos), and deemed thoughts and behaviours based on emotions as irrational and sources of false assumptions and statements.

Oh, if only thinking and emotion and behaviour could be so neatly tri-sected. If only the heart and body didn’t converse with the brain, and the brain with the different parts of itself. Of course, nowadays, we know a great deal more about those body/mind partnerships than did the ancient Greeks, and yet… that old idea of what is rational and irrational still holds a high place in our ethos.

Perhaps it’s time to redefine irrationality. Ron Ashkenas, a business consultant and well-known business author puts it this way: irrational thoughts and behaviour may be a result of adding our own meaning to a situation that may or may not be real.(1)
Have a look at the following psychological test and see if you agree.

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