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Self-Management is a topic of increasing importance in our 24/7 “always on” society. In October and November, we’ll offer some insights and advice to help you do exactly that.


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Featured Article:
Negotiating Conflicting Workstyles

We all run into situations where a person we have to work with makes us crazy (and we’ve all done it to others – perish the thought!).

In this month’s article, we are examining four common task-styles, based on the widely known and used DiSC® Profile (D = Dominance, I = Influence, S = Steadiness, C = Conscientiousness). What we’re hoping to offer is a simple approach to spotting patterns in your behaviour and the behaviour of others, and suggestions on how you can leverage these differences for everyone’s benefit.

As you read through them, identify your style (you may also find you use parts of all the styles or that you use one style at work and another at home), and consider the styles of key teammates you need to work with. If you’re having trouble working well with someone, you might even consider putting this on the table with them and talking about how you could meet your differing needs for mutual gain.

First we’ll discuss the styles themselves, and then we’ll examine how you can discuss a task with a “style-owner” that is different than you. Read more