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Are You Present? Or Are You Digitally Absent?

Digital devices like Smartphones can be a boon if you have a teen/daycare/babysitter you need to stay in touch with, or colleagues who you need to touch base briefly with about something. But apart from specific times and occasions, staying tethered to technology - to social media, dating, and gaming sites - is desensitizing us to our surroundings. The bondage benumbs face-to-face connections, and sets up patterns in the brain that lead to distractive thinking processes.

While not as serious an issue as Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD), a chronic brain deterioration currently being classed as an addiction, with characteristics similar to some forms of substance abuse(1), the kind of habitual distractive behaviour we’re discussing is deeply concerning to many. One such person is Sherry Turkle, a clinical psychologist and founder of M.I.T.’s Initiative on Technology and Self, whose book: Alone Together, explores the damaging way technology is changing human to human communication.

If, like us, you have similar concerns, and would like to determine your usage and pinpoint the areas, if any, where it’s causing difficulties, please take a minute to answer the questions below.

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