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Advanced Negotiating:
Finding the Win-Win

Recently our Founder Peter Hiddema teamed up with Welch LLP’s Managing Partner Michael Burch to discuss how to find the win-win in real life.

Among other things, they discussed:
· How to transform a battle into a win-win negotiation
· Making low-cost, high-gain trades
· How to start a difficult conversation
· Knowing when (and how) to walk way

Click here to listen to this engaging webinar and download the slides.


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Negotiation and Authenticity

Although Magnus Carlsen was friendless and bullied at school, he had a very happy home life. His parents were devoted, and he had three loving sisters. The children invented creative games and made up songs, and it wasn't unusual for the whole family to play and sing together.

His father taught him chess at a young age, and Magnus approached it in exactly the same way as he did those games with his sisters... playfully, curiously, inventively, and intuitively. Before he was ten, he was travelling, winning tournaments, and moving up the rankings. He was a chess prodigy.

By 2013, he'd earned the right to challenge Viswanathan Anand, the World Chess Champion.  But when he arrived in India for the tournament, it was clear from the moment he stepped off the plane that he wasn't relaxed. And he certainly wasn't feeling inventive and playful.

Whether it was due to the huge crowds that had gathered to greet him (Chess having been invented in India), the flashing cameras, the shouts and the sheer noise of it all, or Anand's intimidating reputation, is moot. Suffice it to say, he looked spooked. And that overly-serious, worried, out-of-himself looking demeanour stayed with him as he began playing. He hung on, but the first day of the tournament was a near disaster.

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