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Advanced Negotiating:
Finding the Win-Win

Recently our Founder Peter Hiddema teamed up with Welch LLP’s Managing Partner Michael Burch to discuss how to find the win-win in real life.

Among other things, they discussed:
· How to transform a battle into a win-win negotiation
· Making low-cost, high-gain trades
· How to start a difficult conversation
· Knowing when (and how) to walk way

Click here to listen to this engaging webinar and download the slides.



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Get Your Way by
Giving Way?

A quick recap: John is an ethical man who, in part, took a job as business development manager because he thought the director, his prospective boss, shared his values. In particular, he and the director were against using sales incentive plans: both thought it was wrong to set people up against one another for a prize, and both thought incentive plans demeaned the pleasure and satisfaction derived from the selling process itself.

Six months into the job, a new president came on board. The president believes in such plans, and during their first meeting, he instructed John and his boss to come up with one that includes an all-expense-paid vacation because 'sales people eat that kind of thing up'. John expected his boss to disagree in some way, but instead he nodded, looked interested, and said he and John would be happy to come up with a plan. After the meeting, John expected his boss to explain his surprising acquiescence to this plan, but he simply asked John to put together some preliminary ideas. John did as he was asked, but the trust he had in his boss was now in question, and John found himself re-evaluating his decision to have joined the company.

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