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Next month we'll tackle one last sticky subject related to conflict management before moving on. We'll ask: Is the way we see ourselves (specifically, our attachment to our "tribe" - our family, culture, team, etc.) helping us, or is it keeping us trapped in conflict? Sign up to receive our upcoming newsletters.


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Managing Identity-based Conflict

Success. Failure. Triumph. Defeat. Good days. Bad days. Compliments. Insults.

All of these (and more) can trigger our identity - our sense of who we are - and before we know it, we can find ourselves in an identity-based conflict; sometimes only with ourselves, in fact.

Managing the vagaries of identity-based conflict is not easy. It is perhaps one of the trickiest parts of resolving any conflict. Why? Because unlike the conflict itself - which can actually be resolved and therefore “go away”, our identities are always with us. The identity issue is not so much a problem to solve as it is a dilemma to manage. It will be with us all of our lives. This is why we called this article “managing” (versus “resolving”) identity-based conflict. 

While it may indeed be possible to come to terms with an identity issue over a period of time, it is not something that happens easily or changes quickly. In any given moment - or in any given conflict - therefore, the focus needs to be on how to manage the dynamics stirred up in ourselves and others.

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