Alastair Dobbie

Alastair Dobbie brings a sensitivity and sharp legal mind to the training room in his international and national work. He seeks to engage people in the learning stance and assist them in realizing the benefits, both professional and personal, of a cultured and caring approach to communication and negotiation.

Alongside his relationships at Mobius Executive Leadership, Mr. Dobbie works in association with several organizations in Boston, including the Harvard Negotiation Insight Initiative, where he continues to assist in the research and study of advanced mediation techniques and deeper wisdom approaches to conflict resolution. A barrister of Lincoln’s Inn in England, Mr. Dobbie has worked in law, investment banking and as a screenwriter in Hollywood. He has substantial across the board knowledge of complex legal, financial and political issues such as corporate law, derivatives pricing and international human rights.

Mr. Dobbie also teaches the meditational martial art, Shi Zen Ryu, a form of physical non-violence developed in the first millennium at the Shaolin temple, China. He is able to outline theories and practices on posture, presence, body language and movement as it relates to communication theory. He speaks several languages including fluent French and German as well as working Spanish and Italian. Well traveled, he is current with the differences in American, British, European and Australasian communication styles. He holds a B.A. (Honors) in Law (Jurisprudence) from Oxford and the Bar Vocational Qualification from BPP in London.