David Eaves

David Eaves is a public policy and conflict management consultant. Mr. Eaves recently completed a one-year fellowship as a Sauvé Scholar at McGill University in Montreal where he researched negotiation theory and public policy. An expert in negotiation and relationship management, Mr. Eaves has worked with leading companies across North America and Europe in a range of industries including financial services, healthcare, information technology, and telecommunications. He is also lead author of "The Relationship Re-launch: How to Fix a Broken Alliance" published May, 2003 in the Ivey Business Journal.

In addition to his work as a negotiation consultant Mr. Eaves has consulted on various public policy issues most recently with the Privy Council Office's strategic office (Priorities and Planning Group) within the Government of Canada.

Mr. Eaves has also helped grow Canada25, a non-profit think-tank that engages Canadians around the world in public policy debates. Mr. Eaves founded Canada25's Boston Chapter, served as lead author on several white papers including "Charting a New Path: A Vision for Canada's Future," a policy document written at the request of the Privy Council Office to help prepare for the February 2004 Speech from the Throne, and was lead author of "From Middle to Model Power: Recharging Canada's Role in the World."

A frequent speaker on issues relating to negotiation as well as Canadian public and foreign policy, Mr. Eaves has been invited to speak at, among other institutions: Mt. Allison University, the University of British Columbia, Queen’s University, McGill University, the Privy Council Office, Millennium Scholarship Foundation, Foreign Affairs Canada, Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute, and Heritage Canada. In addition, Mr. Eaves was invited, on behalf of Canada25, to give formal presentations to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade and the Parliamentary Standing Committee on National Defence and Veterans Affairs.

Originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, Mr. Eaves completed a Bachelor of Arts in history at Queen’s University in 1998 and a Masters of International Relations at Oxford in 2000 and he is fluent in French.

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