Patrick McWhinney

Patrick McWhinney is a consultant, trainer and professor in the fields of negotiation, mediation, and conflict management. Mr. McWhinney has advised professionals and government officials across the United States, Canada, South and Central America, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and Europe. Mr. McWhinney specializes in advising corporate executives on negotiation theory and skills in the financial services, pharmaceutical, insurance and technology sectors.

He recently began working extensively with the Chief Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court in the Hague. He is an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University Law School, and is a former Training Co-director of the Harvard Mediation Program and Adjunct Professor at Northeastern University. He serves as a consultant and trainer on behalf of several dispute resolution organizations, including CMI-Vantage Partners, Conflict Management Group, the Harvard Negotiation Project, Mediation Works Incorporated and Stitt Feld Handy Houston ADR Ltd.

Mr. McWhinney earned a bachelor's degree at McGill University and a master's degree from the Harvard Divinity School with a focus in conflict management and alternative dispute resolution through the Harvard Negotiation Program.