A Personal Power Challenge to You

Do you remember Victor, the successful 34-year-old technology VP we profiled in our May/June article about reclaiming Personal Power? The man who as a child was shunned and became a loner and outsider because a long-ago teacher encouraged his classmates to see his intelligence as grandstanding? Our challenge to Victor was to stop giving his […]

A Sharp Turn Into Personal Power

Personal Power.  What exactly is it?  And how do you enact it? We’ve been exploring this recently, asking three colleagues of ours to experiment with being more powerful. What follows is the recent interview with the second of those three colleagues: Q: We asked you to choose one day a week during which you would […]

Help! I have to speak in public.

It is said that people are more afraid of public speaking than they are of death. If you’re one of those ‘give me death but not a podium’ people, imagine for a moment never again having to be afraid of taking centre stage… never again being afraid of getting up or speaking in front of […]

Throwing Down the Power Gauntlet

There are perhaps, few more difficult negotiations in business than a salary review, particularly if you are not the person conducting it but the one hoping/asking for an increase1. Even the best of us find it intimidating because past actions, interactions, successes, and failures are all under the microscope. How easy it is to feel […]

A Mean, Tough Negotiator

If it was your first time at the table with JS, his hard handshake, clenched jaw, and piercing cold eyes would have sent the message that the coming talks were likely going to be a challenge. And if you’d sat across from him in the past, you knew this as fact, for you’d learned he […]

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