The Upside of Being Trapped

That initial sense of being trapped carries quite the SNAP! of realization, doesn’t it? Once that realization hits, the idea that we’re caught in something is almost debilitating, because it can permeate our being, and slowly spread into other areas of our lives, creating an overall dissatisfaction – not just with our circumstances, but also […]

How to Talk Yourself Down in One Second

The Sure-Fire One-Second Technique for Self-regulation and Self-management in Any Situation When something good happens to us – or when we do something well – we feel great. “I did a great job”, we say to ourselves. We feel confident and competent and fully in our own power. The emotions and thoughts we produce form […]

Book Review
Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World
that Can’t Stop Talking

If 16-50%+ of us are introverts (depending on which study you read)1, then why, asks Quiet’s author Susan Cain, have we turned extroversion into the oppressive standard to which most of us feel we must conform? Why are the quiet and cerebral people who know how to tune into their inner worlds and the treasures […]

Get Your Way by Giving Way

A quick recap: John is an ethical man who, in part, took a job as business development manager because he thought the director, his prospective boss, shared his values. In particular, he and the director were against using sales incentive plans: both thought it was wrong to set people up against one another for a […]

Sacrifice your Values?

‘Compromising’ has a bad reputation. Although we recognize it is fundamental in making almost every situation we’re in workable and even satisfying, our general reaction upon hearing the word is negative. We imagine someone who’s betrayed themselves by going against an instinct or core belief in order to benefit, or like John B., because of […]

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