Too Clever to Compromise?

Sheila owns a tech company. She has an MBA and a CPA designation, plus she designs excellent systems and writes exceptional code. She’s a hands-on can-do sort of person. For example, she rebuilt an old MGB, and designed and drew up plans for the addition to her house. She’s also a great athlete: she can […]

Compromise – A Matter of Perspective

For some of us, compromise is a less than savoury word that implies a forfeiting of values and core beliefs… a word that brings to mind appeasing and even grovelling behaviours. For others, it means a willingness to see things from another perspective, and brings to mind recollections of successful negotiations, conflict de-escalations, and the […]

A Personal Power Challenge to You

Do you remember Victor, the successful 34-year-old technology VP we profiled in our May/June article about reclaiming Personal Power? The man who as a child was shunned and became a loner and outsider because a long-ago teacher encouraged his classmates to see his intelligence as grandstanding? Our challenge to Victor was to stop giving his […]

A Sharp Turn Into Personal Power

Personal Power.  What exactly is it?  And how do you enact it? We’ve been exploring this recently, asking three colleagues of ours to experiment with being more powerful. What follows is the recent interview with the second of those three colleagues: Q: We asked you to choose one day a week during which you would […]

Help! I have to speak in public.

It is said that people are more afraid of public speaking than they are of death. If you’re one of those ‘give me death but not a podium’ people, imagine for a moment never again having to be afraid of taking centre stage… never again being afraid of getting up or speaking in front of […]

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