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Boosting customer relationships and profitability:

Our client came to us with a problem: their margins were being eroded and their services commoditized.  RFPs abounded, and their customer relationships were fading.  Could we help?  Indeed we could, and we have been!  After some diagnostic assessment, Common Outlook launched Phase 1 of the engagement with a series of workshops for the sales […]

Common Outlook recently launched a global collaboration initiative for top executives of a new client, starting in Paris.

This exciting initiative is sponsored by the CEO and proactively managed by one of the Top 5 Executives in the organization.  It is focused initially on the Top 80 executives globally.  The goal is to enhance efficient, quality of service, and bottom line results through more effective collaboration across geographies and divisions.  The engagement involves […]

Radio Interview with Fredi Liu – Malaysia

If you’re itching to hear about some of the key differences between men and women in their approach to negotiation, and how those differences impact results, listen to Peter Hiddema, one of the world’s most respected negotiation experts, as Freda Liu Interviews him on Radio Malaysia.

Video Interview – HR Magazine Singapore

httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0pf2yPEn-c Article – Don’t Wait Until Conflicts Arise By: Sabrina Zolkifi, Singapore Published: Mar 22, 2011 Singapore – Far too often, human resources (HR) practitioners only get called to manage a conflict when things have already gotten out of hand. Peter Hiddema, principal of Common Outlook Consulting and visiting professor of decision sciences at INSEAD, […]

Battle of the Sexes

Do men and women really negotiate differently? Who’s the better negotiator? How do non-verbal communications affect cross-gender negotiations? To get the answers to these and other questions from one of the world’s most respected negotiation experts, listen to Peter Hiddema’s succinct and lively radio interview on ‘Ask with Michelle Martin’ (Source: 938 Live Radio, MediaCorp, […]