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Common Outlook’s Founder Peter Hiddema recently spoke on gender in negotiation at INSEAD business school in Singapore for their International Women’s Day Celebrations.

Throwing Down the Power Gauntlet

There are perhaps, few more difficult negotiations in business than a salary review, particularly if you are not the person conducting it but the one hoping/asking for an increase.

Even the best of us find it intimidating because past actions, interactions, successes, and failures are all under the microscope. How easy it is to feel wrong-footed and inadequate. How easy it is to let personal power slip away.

Unfortunately for many of us, those kinds of feelings are all too familiar and not limited to yearly salary reviews. They’re there every time we kowtow; say ‘yes’ instead of ‘no’; are overly flattering; agree to terms we know are fundamentally unfair; agree to things that will make our lives unnecessarily difficult; smooth the waters at our expense just to keep the peace.

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