Choosing Change


Change is the normal process of life. Life is not sustainable without it. Refusing to change doesn’t mean the world won’t change around you; it just means you’ll be left behind to stagnate.

Because most of us want what is familiar and predictable, it is natural to resist change for it can cause a storm of emotion; promote discomfort; get us lost; and cause us to question our deepest beliefs and values.

However, change is the only way to grow inwardly and to journey forward. So if you have to do it, why not get ‘a map’ to show you what the journey looks like? And while you’re at it, why not find someone who can expertly guide you through those difficult times we all encounter?  In other words, instead of refusing to change or resisting it for as long as you can, how about making life easier for yourself by choosing to change the way you change?!

You’ll discover effective techniques to overcome the challenges you currently face, and strategies to help friends and family deal with their difficulties.

Bon voyage!