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  • CEO of Common Outlook Consulting Discusses Human Impact of Change in Radio Interview. More details
  • Master Negotiator Gives Away Great Negotiation Tips in Interview with Cosmopolitan. More details
  • Common Outlook introduces a new Guide that reveals how people react to change. More details
  • Common Outlook Consulting introduces a new workshop teaching participants to recognize what change is…The full day workshop will be held in Toronto on November 5, 2011 More details
  • India’s Biggest MBA Site Interviews Global Negotiation Expert. More details
  • Keynote Teaches How Change Impacts Your Life. More details
  • Expert Reveals Key Negotiation Insights. More details
  • New Training Offering Reveals How to Make Change Work for You. More details
  • Keynote Offers Fresh Perspective on Cross-Gender Negotiations. More details
  • Interview Explains How Leaders Can Prevent and Manage Conflict. More details
  • Peter Hiddema spoke at INSEAD seminar: ‘The Art of Negotiation: Battle of the Sexes. More details
  • launched on February 7, 2011. More details
  • Peter Hiddema has been invited back to INSEAD as visiting Professor to teach “Negotiation Dynamics” at their Singapore Campus in March. More details