Choosing Change

The Human Side of Change Management


Good leaders understand the importance of change. They recognize an organization’s goals, plans, and processes must be in continual forward motion, for if not, business will stagnate. Excellent leaders also recognize that decisions about how to move business forward must first gain the support of the people in the organization.

The difficulty is that most people—particularily those affected by decisions others make—struggle with or resist change because either they’ve never been taught how to deal with it or because upon hearing the news, they immediately construct worst-case scenarios. In spite of reassurances, experience tells them that getting from here to ‘there’ will not only be labour-intensive, aggravating, and complicated, but in some cases, seemingly impossible.

It needn’t be. In response to the marketplace need to address the human side of change management, the senior consultants at Common Outlook formulated CHOOSING CHANGE; an intelligent and practical program that ensures change implementation. Incorporated into every program element are the three stages of change; the steps within each of the stages; obstacles encountered and proven ways of optimizing them; and the kinds of choices that bring about winning outcomes. As a result of the information; people, instead of fearing change, will come to embrace and even anticipate it, which will grow and prosper your organization.

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