Learning Programs

Learning Programs — Customized to your Business Needs


Our learning programs are customized to meet the needs of your organization. We begin by conducting in-depth interviews with key members of your team so we can learn about your organization and the relationship management issues you’re facing. Our consultants analyze the information we gather, and the design of your solution begins.


Once we understand the issues, we develop a comprehensive program to address the goals you have set out for your organization.  The program could include self-assessments, surveys, experiential skill-building workshops, facilitated dialogue, as well as follow-up, reinforcement, and impact measurement activities.


Our learning programs are action-oriented; our facilitators provide a brief introduction to a new concept, and then immediately give the participants an opportunity to practice.

Negotiation and communication are skills that need to be learned, practiced, and refined. And there’s no better way to learn a new skill than to roll up your sleeves and experiment. We create these opportunities in our experiential skill-building workshops.  In these settings, participants also have several opportunities to try out new tools and approaches for handling real situations from the workplace.

In our workshops, we use a variety of approaches to create an energized learning environment:

  • Case studies
  • Exercises
  • Group discussions
  • Structured reviews of role-playing exercises
  • Individual reflection
  • Peer feedback
  • Individual coaching and feedback
  • Video illustrations of negotiation situations
  • Videotape reviews of participants’ one-on-one negotiations

In most cases, the skill-building workshop component of our learning programs are scheduled over two days.  They can be conducted in English, French, or Spanish.

Follow Up

Once the main components of our learning solution have been delivered, we solicit immediate feedback to assess the impact of the work. Following this, with every learning program we provide a series of tips lasting several months.  These tips help participants keep the new ideas “top of mind” and increase the implementation of the ideas. 

If the client is interested, we supplement this with various other reinforcement and follow up acitivities, including surveys to measure impact and skill gaps, as well as further skill-building activities or consulting engagements.

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