Effective Negotiation Skills

effective negotiation skills training

Highly effective negotiation skills training for corporate groups. Learn to become a more confident and successful negotiator from our world-class Effective Negotiation Skills facilitators.

Expand the pie.
Break through deadlocks.
Tame the nightmare negotiator.

Effective Negotiation Skills Training Formats:

  • 2-Day
  • 1-Day
  • Half-Day
  • 1 Hour, 2 Hours

Group Sizes:

  • 10 to 1,000+

We all negotiate every day: Getting a raise or a promotion. Persuading your client, boss, colleague, or family member to follow your advice. Deciding on a family vacation or on which school your child should attend. Every time we try to influence or persuade someone, we are negotiating. Your success in life – some might even say your satisfaction – will be greatly affected by your ability to advance your interests through negotiation.

Our skilled and experienced negotiation skills facilitator(s) will use interactive exercises, role-plays, case studies, discussions and videos where appropriate to give you the skills, tools, and a powerful framework to become a more confident and successful negotiator.

Learn how to:

  • Handle Difficult Negotiators
  • Convert an enemy into a joint problem-solver
  • Discover what people really want
  • Break Impasses
  • Set a constructive tone
  • ‘Expand the pie’ to create new value for all ‘sides’ of the negotiation
  • Prepare effectively for any negotiation and manage it strategically
  • Avoid dangerous traps in your thinking and actions.

Effective Negotiation Skills Training Cost:

Fees vary based on duration of session, size of audience, and customization required. Enquire at info@CommonOutlook.com.

After the Effective Negotiation Skills workshop, participants will receive an electronic version of key tools used in the session, plus a reference card summarizing key concepts. In addition, if desired, participants can sign up to receive tips every 2 weeks for 8 months to reinforce core principles and enhance the Return on Investment for your organization.

Brochure & Sample Agenda:
Two-Day Effective Negotiation Skills Workshop (pdf)

DUE TO COVID-19, All in-person workshops have been postponed.
Please contact us using the form below for Online Workshop Options.

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