The 6 Secrets of the Best Negotiators in the World

…the most powerful techniques revealed…

If you want to become a dynamic powerful negotiator—a driving force in achieving successful outcomes—you’ll want to discover the six best negotiation techniques in the world from the world’s best negotiators. Not merely good ideas, these proven strategies of building and leveraging your relationships with others have brought an end to wars, and a relaxation of tensions and hostility between nations, organizations, and people.

Amassed through years of experience by Peter Hiddema, a leading international negotiation expert, these six secrets will immediately affect your dealings with others in profitable and powerful ways.

A dynamic storyteller, Peter captivates and inspires audiences with a blend of humour and intelligence. People remember Peter’s keynotes. They remember his insights and impactful words. Years later, it is not uncommon for someone to write or approach him to say: ‘I’ve never forgotten the talk you gave that day. It was a game-changer!’

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