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Your keynote presentation on ‘The Art of Negotiation’ was an excellent training session for our members. It was a genuine eye opener for many of us. Your knowledge and expertise was reflected in the way you conducted the presentation, and the enthusiastic reactions from the audience confirmed your ability to keep them engaged. In addition to your good advice, we particularly enjoyed your humour and the audience involvement with the interactive exercises. We are extremely pleased to say that we have received very positive feedback on your session, which helped us make this meeting a great success.

Monika Nowak and Sacha Olenroot | Co-Directors of Programs, CHMSE (Canadian Hotel Marketing and Sales Executives)

After attending one of your sessions, I started considering what negotiation actually means, and I was amazed at how often I am in negotiations throughout my day. Your approach to it all really struck a chord with me and I walked away from the session with some serious insight as to how I’ve been approaching negotiations and how I can seriously improve my skills. Thank you so much!

Erin Kuttner | Producer, 4stroke

Thank you for being a part of our event and sharing your expertise with us and our members. Your ‘Art of Negotiation’ sessions were first class. We really appreciated the thoughtfulness and preparation you put into your workshops. The way in which you distilled the relevant, key points from such a huge topic was impressive. The feedback we received from the 40 members who participated in your sessions was consistently positive. Many people said that the ‘takeaway’ skills they learned are ones which they can apply to both their professional and personal lives.

Clare Cockell & Lisa Woznica | Co-Chairs GTA Steering Committee and Madeline Long, Chair of “Peer 2 Peer” Event, CWC (Canadian Women in Communications)

I really appreciated the follow-up that came after my session with Common Outlook. The practical information on preparing for a negotiation enabled me to achieve my win-win goals. I can’t say enough about how taking the time to think through my own underlying issues and consider those of the others made a difference in enabling us to achieve a common goal in our negotiations. I really appreciated the personal attention that I received; it made me feel that Common Outlook really cared about my success.

Karen King | Executive Director, New Voices Fund and Independent Production, TORONTO 1

Common Outlook provided insightful advice on a complex transaction worth several hundred million pounds, involving several multinational parties.  They showed us fresh ways of looking at things; were willing to challenge our thinking and forced us to address and answer the tough questions.  They helped us avoid impasses and move forward towards success.  They were incredibly flexible in meeting our needs and provided great value. I recommend them highly.

Aidan Connolly | Chief Executive, Sodexo UK & Ireland

Over the course of a year, Common Outlook worked with our Top 300 Executives globally to provide a more systematic, empowered approach to negotiation and relationship management. We applied their methodology to the €100’s of millions worth of contracts we negotiate each year to produce improved bottom-line returns.  They also provided top-notch consulting advice on our organization’s largest transaction ever.

Philip Jansen | Group Chief Operating Officer, Sodexo

The Common Outlook training was really valuable because it gave our organization the opportunity and the tools to reflect on how to produce the outcomes in a negotiation that we want to have happen. In the nonprofit sector, participating in this kind of training is rare. Given that we negotiate a lot with donors so that our programs can be delivered – in our case – to disadvantaged Canadians, the Common Outlook tools can make a difference to the success of our programs, and therefore to our low-income clients. I strongly recommend the training to others in the voluntary sector.

Heather Billou | Director, Planning & Development, SEDI

This course was straightforward and practical — user-friendly. I specifically took this course for help with co-workers and meeting preparation, and now I feel I can deal with these different situations with confidence.

Sally Leech | Customer Service, Instrument & Service Specialist, BD Biosciences

One day with the workshop facilitator, learning about and role-playing with the Harvard Negotiation Project changed my outlook on negotiations. Despite how important the role of negotiations is in our everyday lives, we so often handle it reactively and with little or no planning. Common Outlook provides structure and discipline, packaged up in a commonsense format. I have used the tools, seen the difference and, as a consequence, have gotten to ‘yes’.

Brian Prendergast | President, Sonar Communications Inc.

I found the course reinforced principles and techniques previously learned, but did so in a thought-provoking and encouraging environment. No matter how much experience or reading any salesperson or manager has, courses like this one have great value and should be taken advantage of when offered.

Gary Clifton | Marketing Manager, Biotronik Life Systems