Negotiation Training & Conflict Management Training

Small & Large Group Corporate Training

Common Outlook offers negotiation training, conflict resolution training, collaboration training, and training on difficult conversations. We bring our training to your offices for both small and large groups. In 2-hour, half-day, one-day and even two-day formats. Below are our most popular offerings.

Effective Negotiation Skills Training

Apply effective negotiation skills to business meetings with our negotiation training for corporate groups, and participants will learn to become more confident and successful negotiators. They will better understand the ins and outs of negotiation and develop effective strategies, tactics and counter-measures for manipulative opponents.

Our workshops use experiential methods allowing participants to apply what they have learned and practice their new skills in a variety of methodologies. These include role plays, case studies, personal skill analysis questionnaires, games and trainer-led discussions.

Available in 2-hour, half-day, one-day, and two-day formats.

Conflict Management Training

Our skilled and experienced facilitators use interactive exercises, role-plays, case studies, discussions, and videos where appropriate to give you the skills, tools, and a powerful framework to manage conflict and difficult conversations with more confidence and effectiveness.

Our conflict management training is designed for executives, managers, and team members who want to substantially and permanently improve their ability to manage workplace conflict in business situations.
Our conflict management training will help your staff effectively deal with conflicts in a constructive manner, ideally before a crisis takes place.

Available in 2-hour, half-day, one-day, and two-day formats.

Foundations of Collaborative Negotiation

For individuals just starting their journey to becoming a better negotiator, or those looking for a quick refresher on the fundamentals of negotiation, look no further. Improve your negotiation skills through this foundational course, a 5 part video series. You will learn about mindset shifts, the processes and how to put them into practice. Sign up and watch the first two videos for free.  Course is $99 USD.

Is Our Negotiation Training & Conflict Training Right For You?

Leveraging the Harvard methodology to negotiation skills and conflict management, Common Outlook Consulting teaches executives and their teams the strategic negotiation skills and conflict management skills that drive business performance. Our clients experience better productivity, profitability, efficiency, and creativity.

Negotiation Conflict Management Training in Office

Our negotiation training and conflict management training approach is born out of a theoretical framework developed by our colleagues at the Harvard Negotiation Project. It has been reinforced through years of research and further refined through extensive practice with corporate and governmental clients around the world.

Even the most powerful ideas are of little value to your organization unless they are relevant and actionable. We help create sustainable change that drives new behaviours across your organization.

We maintain a relentless focus on providing actionable solutions to the issues your organization is facing. As a result, you are able to effectively apply the concepts we teach to realize immediate improvements in productivity, efficiency, creativity and profitability.

What Makes Our Training Unique?

We don’t just talk about the ideas –- we use them. We “walk the talk” to the best of our ability, and we live by the advice we give our clients. Negotiation and conflict management training

We maintain a relentless focus on explaining how our ideas can be used in your context. We provide insight and counsel on the issues your organization is facing. We help our clients sustain changes in behaviour through follow-up and reinforcement, keeping new concepts top-of-mind.

Our approach is born out of a solid theoretical framework developed at a world-leading university (described above), and refined through ongoing research and extensive practice with corporate and governmental clients around the world.

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Why Work With Us?

The Harvard Negotiation Project –Theory Meets Real-World Experience Harvard negotiation project logo

Our training approach to our negotiation training, conflict management, collaboration, and conflict resolution training is based on a time-tested theoretical framework developed by a team of our colleagues at Harvard Negotiation Project (HNP). The techniques and skills we teach have produced impressive results in organizations around the world. They have become the industry gold standard.

Our negotiation training, conflict management, collaboration, and conflict resolution solutions are tailored to meet the needs of your organization. We start by learning about your business; you talk, we listen. Once we understand your specific needs and challenges, we’ll design a customized engagement to meet your objectives.

Whether your organization is facing a challenging negotiation or an inter-team conflict, our solution will include practical advice and tools that you can implement quickly and efficiently. We’ll provide the guidance and support you need to effectively integrate these ideas into your organization.

We conduct client work in English, French, and Spanish.