Effective Negotiation Skills Training

effective negotiation skills training

If you want to improve your negotiation skills, influence for success, and enhance your decision-making processes—both internally within your organization and externally with other partners and vendors then look no further than our highly effective negotiation skills training from a world-class negotiation coach, Peter Hiddema.

Applying Negotiation Skills in Business MeetingWith our highly effective negotiation skills training for corporate groups, participants will learn to become more confident and successful negotiators.  They will better understand the ins and outs of negotiation and develop effective strategies, tactics and counter-measures for manipulative opponents.

Our workshops use experiential methods allowing participants to apply what they have learned and practice their new skills in a variety of methodologies. These include role plays, case studies, personal skill analysis questionnaires, games and trainer-led discussions.

Expand the pie.
Break through deadlocks.
Tame the nightmare negotiator.

Effective Negotiation Skills Training Formats:

  • 2-Day
  • 1-Day
  • Half-Day
  • 1 Hour, 2 Hours

Group Sizes:

  • 10 to 1,000+

Is This Negotiation Training For Me?

Did you ever finish a deal and then wonder if you got the best deal you could have? If so, you should attend this training. If you feel frustrated as it seems all your negotiations are “just about the price”, you should attend this workshop. If you want to improve your ability to negotiate, this workshop is for you. Negotiation Skills Training at the office

We all negotiate every day: Getting a raise or a promotion. Persuading your client, boss, colleague, or family member to follow your advice. Deciding on a family vacation or on which school your child should attend. Every time we try to influence or persuade someone, we are negotiating. Your success in life – some might even say your satisfaction – will be greatly affected by your ability to advance your interests through negotiation.

Our skilled and experienced negotiation skills trainers will use interactive exercises, role-plays, case studies, discussions and videos where appropriate to give you the skills, tools, and a powerful framework to become a more confident and successful negotiator.

In Negotiation Skills Workshop You Will Learn:

  • Handle Difficult Negotiators
  • Convert an enemy into a joint problem-solver
  • Discover what people really want
  • Break Impasses
  • Set a constructive tone
  • ‘Expand the pie’ to create new value for all ‘sides’ of the negotiation
  • Prepare effectively for any negotiation and manage it strategically
  • Avoid dangerous traps in your thinking and actions.

Negotiation Skills Coach

Your Negotiation Skills coach is Peter Hiddema. Peter is the CEO of Common Outlook and has leveraged the Harvard Negotiation Project methodology to teach executives from Global 1000 companies the negotiation skills they need to successfully drive business performance for their organizations. Peter Hiddema Negotiation Skills Expert

Internationally recognized as an expert in strategic negotiation, conflict resolution and leadership development, Peter has lectured for students and corporate leaders at several universities including Queen’s University (in Canada and the UK), HEC at L’Université de Montréal, INSEAD (France) and Harvard University.

In the past 2 years alone, he has advised on transactions totaling more than US$2 billion. Learn more about Peter Hiddema here.

Effective Negotiation Skills Training Cost:

Our workshop fees vary based on duration of session, size of audience, and customization required. Enquire about fees at info@CommonOutlook.com or via the form below.

After the Effective Negotiation Skills workshop, participants will receive an electronic version of key tools used in the session, plus a reference card summarizing key concepts. In addition, if desired, participants can sign up to receive tips every 2 weeks for 8 months to reinforce core principles and enhance the Return on Investment for your organization.

Brochure & Sample Agenda:
Two-Day Effective Negotiation Skills Workshop (pdf)

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