Facilitation & Mediation Services

Facilitation Services

A facilitator is someone who makes things happen. They help ensure that the key issues around a question are raised and dealt with. Our facilitators familiarize themselves with your project, and then work with the team to achieve a specific goal.

For example, our facilitators have led brainstorming sessions and strategic planning exercises. We have also facilitated dialogue among parties who have divergent views on an issue but need to have a powerful and effective dialogue about it in order to meet their business goals. Clients find that our objective facilitators make the discussion more effective and productive. Typically, results are achieved that would not have been possible without the presence of the facilitators.

In some situations, our facilitators make use of the unique Open Space and Unconference processes used widely in the technology sector. With these processes, participants play an even more active role than usual. They are designed to have each participant discussing the issue that matters most to him or her. These processes very quickly create opportunities for people to share their important concerns and to create powerful solutions based on their expertise. The results are transforming.

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Mediation Services

Mediators are brought in during a dispute between two groups who are unable to resolve their own differences. Our expert mediators act as intermediaries and help the parties reach a mutually beneficial agreement. We don’t dictate solutions; as mediators, our role is to help the groups develop their own optimal solution.

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