Our Consultants

We’ve assembled a remarkable team of world-class consultants who are experts in negotiation, conflict management, collaboration, and conflict resolution. They are all very passionate about the work they do.

Our team of negotiation skills consultants comes to us with a high degree and broad range of experience. They are immersed in the Harvard methodology and Common Outlook’s approach to client engagements. Our consultants have many years of experience in strategic negotiation, conflict management, collaboration, and conflict resolution consulting and training; our clients consistently rank their teachings as above and beyond our competitors.

Based across North America and in various locations around the world, our negotiation skills consultants bring a wealth of experience to our clients’ organizations.

We conduct client work in English, French, and Spanish.

Learn More About Each Of Our Consultants

Peter Hiddema

Peter Hiddema is the CEO of Common Outlook. Prior to founding Common Outlook in 2000, Peter worked with Harvard University professors Roger Fisher and Bruce Patton and their colleagues in a previous organization.  Mr. Fisher and Mr. Patton are founders of the Harvard Negotiation Project and co-authors of “Getting to Yes”.   To this day he maintains connections to his colleagues from the community centered around the Harvard Negotiation Project.

Stevenson Carlebach

Stevenson is the Principal of Eque LLC. As a coach, consultant and trainer, he has helped organizations and individuals function more through improved communication, relationship building and problem solving. Stevenson has extensive experience designing and conducting training programs in essential leadership skills including the areas of influence, difficult conversations, negotiation and giving feedback. He is particularly interested in understanding the neuroscience behind communication challenges.

Chuck Doran

Chuck Doran is an experienced mediator specializing in the resolution of workplace, franchise and commercial disputes. A mediator since 1992, he is a member of the CPR Dispute Resolution Panel of Distinguished Neutrals and has provided mediation and other ADR services to a variety of clients including AT&T, Bose, BMW of North America, Coca-Cola, General Motors, Oxfam America, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD), and the USPS REDRESS I and REDRESS II Mediation Panels.

Jason Scott Gore

Jason Gore specializes in helping organizations achieve business results by improving communication, collaboration and negotiation skills. He has been leading training programs, managing change initiatives, and facilitating executive retreats since 1993.

Dan Green

Dan is a consultant, coach, and trainer on negotiation and communication skills, and the President of Bridge Consulting International. His professional practice regularly takes him around the world.

Alex Kuilman

A Canadian living in Geneva, Alex works as an executive coach, facilitator of transformation, mediator and culture change consultant across a broad range of industries.

Andrew Lewis

Andrew Lewis brings professional experience and academic training in organizational change, adult learning, politics and international relations to his work in the fields of negotiation, collaboration and partnering, where he provides strategic advice to companies and governments on complex commercial deals and international negotiations.

Gary McDougall

Gary is a retired police officer who served with the Calgary Police Service for 25 years; the last 8 years of his career, Gary was a member of the Hostage/Crisis Negotiation Team.

Connie Meyer

Connie Meyer is a facilitator, coach, and mediator who specializes in clients’ development of effective negotiation, communication, and influence skills.   Her experience in the field of alternative dispute resolution spans 15 years and includes work with clients at all professional levels and across multiple industries.

Ryan Thompson

Ryan Thompson is a consultant and trainer specializing in the interest-based approach to negotiation and conflict management pioneered at the Harvard Negotiation Project. Mr. Thompson has worked with public and private sector clients in financial services, pharmaceuticals, law, and manufacturing in North America, Europe and Asia.

Jim Tull

Jim Tull is an International Conflict Management Specialist providing process assistance and training in the areas of negotiation, communication, consensus building, mediation and dispute resolution. Mr. Tull has consulted and trained in over 50 countries around the globe, helping non-profits, governments and corporations to deepen their understanding and heighten their effectiveness in the face of conflict.

Randall Vickerson

Randall is a Senior Consultant with Common Outlook Consulting Inc., and the Founder of Solution Development Group, a training and coaching firm dedicated to motivating people to achieve outstanding results.