Our Training Approach

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The Harvard Negotiation Project –
Theory Meets Real World Experience

Our training approach to our negotiation skills training, conflict management, collaboration, and conflict resolution training is based on a time-tested theoretical framework developed by a team of our colleagues at Harvard Negotiation Project (HNP). The techniques and skills we teach have produced impressive results in organizations around the world.  They have become the industry gold standard.

Our negotiation skills, conflict management, collaboration, and conflict resolution solutions are tailored to meet the needs of your organization. We start by learning about your business; you talk, we listen. Once we understand your specific needs and challenges, we’ll design a customized engagement to meet your objectives.

Whether your organization is facing a challenging negotiation or an inter-team conflict, our solution will include practical advice and tools that you can implement quickly and efficiently. We’ll provide you with the guidance and support you need to effectively integrate these ideas into your organization.

Our goal is to help people positively change their behaviours. Change takes time, commitment, effort, and resources; the follow-up and support we provide makes the transition easier.

Our commitment is to continually improve our theory and practice based on what we learn through experience. This benefits our clients and their organizations by keeping them on the leading edge of advancements in strategic negotiation skills, conflict resolution training and leadership development.

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