How to Profit from Conflict

…proven solutions that truly grow the bottom-line…

It is estimated that every year, between 30 and 50% of all those who leave their jobs do so because of workplace conflict. And because replacement costs can run as high as 150% of a given annual salary, the inability of a company or individual to address conflict can kill the bottom line. Add to this the immense productivity drain caused by poorly managed conflict, and you’ve got a serious business problem on your hands. On the positive side, it also turns out that employees and managers who know how to approach a conflict rather than avoid it, out-perform others by over 20%…meaning you can cut bottom line losses and gain even further profitability on top of those improvements.

Able to impact both small and large audiences in interesting, insightful, and humourous ways, Peter Hiddema’s pithy conflict resolution strategies will have your attendees madly taking notes. Backed by years of research from The Harvard Negotiation Project bolstered by Peter’s 15 years of experience with some of the world’s largest organizations, these practical step-by-step solutions will be used immediately by individuals and companies alike to achieve personal and professional excellence.

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