Top 5 Sales Negotiation Mistakes

…learn how to grow value-based sales…

Picture the scene: it’s late in your fiscal year and you’re in the final stages of negotiating a big sale. If you land this one, you will exceed your annual sales target by 25% and your bonus will double. The bad news: the client still wants a major concession that will erode the profitability of the transaction and set a bad precedent. The client has demanded a 20% discount. You thought you had handled this maneuver earlier by first reasserting the value proposition, and when that failed, offering them a 10% discount, but they’re holding fast to the 20%.

What you don’t know is that the client thinks your product is fairly priced, and that had you addressed their interests instead of their position; you might have made the sale without any discount at all!. (The reason they asked for the discount is because they have a limited budget this quarter but they’d prefer to buy it all now instead of later. Hmmm…) What’s even more unfortunate is that because you didn’t know your were making one of the top 5 sales negotiation mistakes, you’re going to make it again.

Call in Peter Hiddema, one of the world’s most knowledgeable sales negotiation experts!

A truly gifted speaker who captures audiences with his top-notch presentation style and down-to-earth business sense, Peter will immediately motivate your sales force by showing them how these five mistakes are blocking sales and eroding profitability. AND he will give them actionable tools that will let them consistently notch-up those sales and build dynamic customer relationships.

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