Coaching: The new way to retain high performing employees

More and more corporations are hiring coaches to work with their employees to develop their careers, particularly for those people who are seen as high-value employees. There is a new term for these people: "HiPo's", or High Potential Employees. Coaching has become an Executive Perk included as a tool to hire and retain these HiPo's.

From "onboarding" and the first 90 days to post employee reviews and career development to succession planning, coaches work with employees to further their career, support success, and work towards job and life satisfaction.

In particular, when a performance review has been completed, the employee knows what they are doing well and where they could improve. Coaches work with the employee to put a plan in place to ensure that they continue in their career development by maintaining their strengths and deciding what to do about areas of weakness.

Some of the executives I am working with are participating in a multi-year leadership development plan within their organization that involves coaching. These are a group of up-and-comers who will be the next leaders of this national organization. We use a combination of the results of numerous assessments, feedback reports, and personal career plans to formulate an action plan to prepare them for the next level of leadership.

Other executive clients I am working with are actively creating their succession plan to see who will replace them. In some cases, a coach will be hired to work with the successor as well.

Retention of high value employees is always important and never more so when top talent is in such short supply. Don't overlook the value to you, the employee and the organization of working with a coach to develop your next group of corporate leaders. If you are looking to take your performance and level of satisfaction to the next level, a coach may be the next step.

Garry Schleifer is one of our associate coaches. His coaching programs are designed to create immediate, dramatic results in the areas of leadership and personal productivity. For more information or to book a coaching session, contact us. Or contact Garry at 416-925-6643, email at

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