Attitude Study

(Adapted from the Common Outlook Business/People Change program)

If you’re extremely busy; or don’t understand the impact your Attitude is having on your career/life; or typically avoid facing ‘your own worst enemy’, the following can be seen as a hefty self-study. As such, it is set-up so you can access it in a way that suits you. Dive in and do it in one sitting, cherry-pick it, or complete a short section; forward it to your personal email and do the above during a coffee or lunch break; print it off for the week-end; or bypass it altogether and select an article/book from the recommended reading list at the end.

To print survey below, download and print pdf. Attitude Survey PDF


A.  Getting Ready For Work
TIP: Attitudes are present in inner monologues.

Chose and respond to declaration 1. or 2.
1. As I think about the day, I encourage myself by imagining events in which I……..

a) My encouragement is weakened when I……..

2. I discourage myself by imagining problems/situations that pull me down.

a) Those projections affect my mood and therefore my health by……..

B.  At Work
The effect of reactions and responses on Attitude

1. The impact of corporate culture

• My organization’s Mission Statement and underlying culture:
__are aligned __are not aligned.
• If not, what would I say is at the heart of the culture?
• Does what I say and do improve or tear-down the culture? If it tears down the culture, how could I change my actions to improve the culture?

2. My habits and behaviour

a) My behaviour and/or habits create the following kind of atmosphere:
b) My behaviour and habits say this about my Attitude:

3. How bullying affects me

a) When dealing with a work-bully, I generally……..
b) My bullying colleague isn’t all bad. They have a marvelous ability to……..
c) What would happen if I concentrated on that ableness rather than the bullying?
d) It’s apparent that I can sometimes be a bully when I……..
e) I make things difficult for others when I……..

4. What others think

a) If an adversary gossiped about my Attitude, they would say……..
b) When appraising my Attitude(s) for a review, my boss would write……..

C.  At Home

Tip: Can’t identify an Attitude? Isolate a behaviour, and listen to its inner words.

1. Congruency –‘at home’ and ‘at work’ Attitudes

a) My life partner/spouse would say my Attitude is……..
b) My child would say……..
c) If my pet could talk, he/she would say……
d) Do my work and home Attitudes differ? __Yes __No

i) My Attitudes differ because I believe……….
ii) If those disparate Attitudes morphed into one that served me well in both places, the upside would be……….  AND the downside would be……….

2. General Attitude awareness

a) If I am  __worried about losing my job  __anxious about money  __overwhelmed __underappreciated  __under the weather, my controlling Attitude is……….
b) On a scale of 1-5, how hard is it for me to change that Attitude?
1 (easy)   2 (a little work)   3 (challenging)   4 (a struggle)   5 (impossible)
c) Would I say that controlling Attitude affects my behaviour?
1 (no)   2 (a little)   3 (sometimes)   4 (a lot)   5 (it holds complete sway)
d) I excuse any ‘less than’ behaviour with justifications that sound like this:
e) Of the various Attitudes I adopt, the one that:

i. influences and encourages my better self is……….
ii. diminishes me the most is……….

D.  A Growth Mindset
Sometimes, when we realize things, we throw ourselves into Change.
But often,
The biggest step we can take is to do absolutely nothing …
except to sit quietly and observe.
And when our discoveries settle in; when they become ‘us’,
The way ahead will be clear.

Recommended Reading –
Online Articles

Change Your Mindset by Kate Powers

Assumptions That Kill Success by Jim M. Allen

Smiling, Moods, & Health by Dan Johnston

10 Communication Secrets of Great Leaders by Mike Myatt


Attitude Is Everything  by Jeff Keller

100 Ways to Motivate Others by Steve Chandler and Scott Richardson

The Difference Maker by John Maxwell

The World According to Mister Rogers by Fred Rogers

Mindset by Carol Dweck


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