The Should-Have/Could-Have-Been Train (How to tell if you’re on it)

Please take a few minutes to consider whether the statements below are true for you or not. Do your best to keep an ‘objective observer’ vantage point about yourself as you respond.

In the May issue, we’ll talk about how and why our perspectives often keep us from living ‘the good life’, and how to set your life on a more satisfying track.

  1. I would be happier if I had more material success (e.g. better car, better place to live – generally, more things that I can’t currently afford to buy/have).
  2. I think my friends, colleagues, and acquaintances have better lives than I do.
  3. I studied this; became that; married her/him, but I would be happier if I had done it differently.
  4. If I knew what I wanted I’d be more satisfied with my life.
  5. Once I achieve some of my key goals, I will be happier.

Depending on whether these statements ring true or false, you likely experience a greater or lesser degree of satisfaction with your life. In this issue of the Newsletter, our interest is simply in getting you to reflect on your life by considering these statements.

Next month we will dig into the situation and bring you insights that we hope will help you feel a greater sense of satisfaction in daily life.

But given our field of practice, we’ll go further than that; we will also draw a link between this ability and a crucial skill for resolving conflict. Stay tuned.


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