Is Your Time Well Spent?

We all come to work hoping to get things accomplished. Yet many of us I suspect, have days when we go home feeling “I got nothing done”. How come? Well, if you’re a typical manager, much of your day is spent dealing with conflict. Studies show many managers spend over 40% of their day dealing with conflict.

Conflict in itself is not bad.  It means people are seeing things from different perspectives.  What’s important is how you manage that conflict.  Left unmanaged, conflict can become toxic and spread quickly throughout your team and organization.

If the 40% figure holds true for you, you're spending about 2 days every week dealing with conflict! Imagine how much time you could free up if you could improve your ability to deal effectively with conflict? Imagine the benefit to you, your team and your company. As an employer, the first $30K you’re paying your $75K manager goes to dealing with conflict. Yikes! 

We probably all recognize the toll conflict can take, not only in business, but in our personal lives too. Common Outlook's "Managing Confrontation and Conflict" workshop is designed to get you through the discomfort of conflict so you can discuss what matters most.  You'll learn a framework to identify patterns in difficult conversations as well as techniques for managing strong emotions, both yours and others. To learn more about Common Outlook's "Managing Confrontation and Conflict" workshop, call 416-483-6450 or email

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