Collective Intelligence Brings An UnCommon Approach to Meeting Facilitation

If you believe we all have experiences and wisdom worth sharing, if you want to unleash the passion of your team or if you want to tap into a new approach to sharing information and solving problem, let Common Outlook and Misha Glouberman, founder of Collective Intelligence bring the tools of Open Space and Unconference to your organization.

For over 20 years in countries around the world, companies and organizations have been unleashing the power in their people through a revolutionary approach to meeting facilitation called Open Space. Unconferences were more recently developed in the world of high tech by people eager to learn from the experiences and knowledge of their colleagues.

With Open Space and Unconferences, meetings and conferences are run by the participants. The participants decide which topics will be discussed and as a result, all of the issues that the participants care about most will be raised. Relationships are established and connections are made. Everyone participates.

The creativity and intelligence of groups is harnessed to the betterment of the participants and the organization. Very quickly, participants have meaningful conversations, form useful relationships, and get real work done.

It’s been called “passion bounded by responsibility” and the approach works best with groups of 30 to 300 participants. It can work for a 1/2 day meeting or a 3 day conference. And the results are remarkable.

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