Boosting customer relationships and profitability:

Our client came to us with a problem: their margins were being eroded and their services commoditized.  RFPs abounded, and their customer relationships were fading.  Could we help?  Indeed we could, and we have been! 

After some diagnostic assessment, Common Outlook launched Phase 1 of the engagement with a series of workshops for the sales leadership and client-facing senior executives.  The goal: shift their paradigm and actions about how to (a) identify what matters most to clients; (b) establish the value proposition in the eyes of the client; (c) get paid for that; and (d) fundamentally transform the relationship from a “vendor” relationship to a true win/win partnership – not just in words, but in tangible deeds.  So far, the results are very promising.  

Phase 2 is underway, with follow-up and reinforcement to make sure the concepts are being implemented, and Phase 3 has just begun, with consulting on specific client negotiations as well as redesigning the process used to prepare for client negotiations – making sure it is aligned with the paradigm shift our client is looking for.  Phase 4 will most likely involve facilitating symposia with clients in attendance – boosting in a practical way the sense of team and partnership.  Phase 5 will be bringing the message to a wider audience within the organization, commencing with a national conference late this year.  From there, we will assess progress and determine what – if anything – is required thereafter. 

So far, it’s a success story through and through.

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