By Way of Introduction

For those of you just starting to work with Common Outlook Consulting and for those we’ve worked with many times, you’ll be familiar with the men and women who are the public face of Common Outlook. People like: Peter Hiddema, our founder, David Eaves, Gary McDougall, Amy Elizabeth Fox, Richard Dash and Jim Tull, among others. Our consultants are among the best in the business are are spread around various parts of North America and other locations in the world. 

Perhaps not as familiar, however, are the key members of our client liaison team behind the scenes.

First, Patricia Bent will be a familiar name if you receive her regular e-mails with tips from Common Outlook. She gets a kick hearing from so many people who enjoy receiving the tips. Patricia is command central for the logistical elements of our workshops and other engagements making sure everything is in place to ensure a successful and productive experience for our clients and consultants.

Nadine Marshall wears many hats. She's Peter's assistant and also manages the operational aspects of our Toronto office, overseeing everything from scheduling and project management to the strategic planning process and financial reporting. Nadine’s got a real talent for finding the process in the chaos and has streamlined the internal operations allowing us to work with clients all over the globe without missing a beat.

And my name is Helen Latimer. I do a lot of writing: our newsletter, book reviews, website content and client proposals. I also work with many of our clients building relationships and supporting the achievement of their business goals.  If there's anything we can help you with, please contact us.

Nadine Marshall   416-483-6450, ext 101

Patricia Bent      416-483-6450, ext 104

Helen Latimer     416-483-6450, ext 106

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