Common Outlook recently launched a global collaboration initiative for top executives of a new client, starting in Paris.

This exciting initiative is sponsored by the CEO and proactively managed by one of the Top 5 Executives in the organization.  It is focused initially on the Top 80 executives globally.  The goal is to enhance efficient, quality of service, and bottom line results through more effective collaboration across geographies and divisions.  The engagement involves a multi-faceted approach.  It has begun with diagnostic assessments about the current state of collaboration in the organization and an identification of any barriers that exist, as well as a behavioural assessment to determine the predominant approaches to collaboration and conflict used by the “Top 80”.  One of Common Outlook’s Boston-based senior consultants launched the initiative to rave reviews, with a full-day working session for the CFO and his team at an offsite meeting in “Paris in the springtime”.  This will be followed up by several other such sessions in various parts of the world and follow-up, measurement, and most likely additional consulting work on key collaboration challenges.

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