Human Impact of Change (Radio Interview)

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Toronto, Canada, December 22, 2011 — Peter Hiddema, Founder and CEO of Common Outlook Consulting Inc, discussed the human impact of change in a radio interview with BFM’s Azura Rahman. The 20-minute interview discusses how one can adjust to external events that happen around us or to us us by giving insight in the typical stages one goes through when faced with such changes.

“The key to successfully navigating change is to realize that while you often don’t choose the change that happens to you, you can choose how you respond to change. Replacing an automatic, unconscious reaction to change with a conscious, purposeful response is the end goal of the work we do with our clients in this area”, says Mr. Hiddema.

Mr. Hiddema explains the three phases one typically goes through when faced with changes: Letting Go; Transitioning; and Beginning Anew and gives examples of change in the corporate world and in one’s personal life.

The interview was aired on the business station BFM 89.9 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on November 9, 2011.  To listen, click the play button on the mp3 below.