Interview with Cosmopolitan

corporate training for negotiation skills

Toronto, Canada, December 01, 2011 — Peter Hiddema, Master Negotiator and Founder and CEO of Common Outlook Consulting Inc, gives away great negotiation tips in an exclusive interview with Cosmopolitan Magazine. The article discusses how to get a raise or a promotion, how to close an important deal, how to highlight one’s unhappiness with a management decision and how to put a slacking colleague in her place.

For each of these situations, the major pitfalls are laid out. In addition, Mr. Hiddema highlights the key points one needs to keep in mind to attain a successful outcome. “We often create our own problems in negotiating situations. This article highlights some of those pitfalls in common work situations, and offers practical suggestions on how to avoid them.”, says Mr. Hiddema, and he adds “It was a pleasure to be included in Cosmopolitan’s launch in Singapore; October’s issue was only the 2nd issue they have ever published there.”

The article was written by Denise Li and published in the October 2011 Issue of Cosmopolitan’s Singapore Edition.