How Leaders Can Prevent and Manage Conflict

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Toronto, ON, May 01, 2011 — Recently, Peter Hiddema, Founder and CEO of Common Outlook Consulting Inc., was interviewed by Human Resources Magazine in Singapore where he is a visiting professor of decision sciences at INSEAD, which is ranked in the top four of the world’s best graduate business schools.

In the video interview, Mr. Hiddema discusses how to create a collaborative culture where communication is encouraged, so that issues are handled before they escalate into full-fledged conflict. He focuses on an informal approach with frequent “walk-arounds” so that leaders can keep their finger on the pulse of what’s going on. He also discusses ways HR practitioners can add value to executives, team leaders and team members.

“The key is to make people feel safe about raising issues with you. In addition to the ‘walk-arounds’ as a way to do this, it is important that you acknowledge people for having the courage to put issues on the table with you and with their peers, and to take action on the issues raised”, says Mr. Hiddema.